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About STUdio Pet Company

It began in Lafayette, Louisiana with us, John and Mandy Bonvillian, a couple of fun-loving, animal fanatics. John is a strong-willed  entrepreneur and Mandy is a free-spirited visionary.  Then, there is Stu, our English bulldog.  He is a very spoiled, very handsome, wild man.  While we love all dogs, bulldogs hold a special spot in our hearts.

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The Driving Factor

Our goal was to better incorporate Stu’s “home” into our home.  The kennel we had just wasn’t doing it.  Not only did it look awful  in our living room, but it also wasn’t going to withstand the weight of our billygoat bulldog standing on top of it for much longer.

The Concept of Functional Pet Furniture

Our creative/business minds got together and went to work! Along came STUdio Pet Company, fueled by our love for our maniac boy and our desire for work to be something we both truly enjoyed. We wanted our product to not only look better in your home, but also to serve a dual purpose. This isn’t just a kennel. Think of it as a “studio” for your furry friend and a quality piece of furniture for you!

We want to see all of our fellow pet lovers incorporate their pet’s home into the center of theirs. Bring the entire family together and make your house look beautiful all at the same time! We have several different models to fit any size home or pet. Custom options are also available. Please, look around and see which of our products will fit perfectly into your home!

Love and Bulldog Hugs,
John, Mandy and Stu