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STU Stories

Stories of the life of Stu and STUdio Pet Company, told by Stu.

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Meet Stu!

My name is Stupendous Bonvillian. I get called lots of names, but usually it's just plain ole Stu. Mommy and Daddy call me a wild man. I don't know what they expect, I have a reputation to uphold. I hear that I got where I am today because mommy had another bulldog,...

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The Beginning!

I have assisted in building STUdio Pet Company from the very beginning. I'll tell you a bit about it... There was lots of thinking and lots of work. I helped as much as a furry four-legged guy can. I sat with mommy and daddy at the dining room table while they threw...

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I went to Colorado recently with mommy and daddy. We all really love it there. It's a very long drive, but mommy and daddy do it so I can go with them. I love to travel and I am very good at it. I always have my bed in the back seat and sometimes even my kennel. We...

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